Terms & Conditions

Campaigns & Elections Terms & Conditions

Ticket Policy

If after purchasing your ticket you are unable to attend the event or the scheduled dates for the event change after you have purchased your ticket you may use your ticket to attend another Campaigns & Elections conference taking place within one year of the event to which your ticket applied, provided that a ticket to the conference you wish to transfer to is of equal of lesser price than the price paid for your ticket. If the ticket price for the conference you wish to transfer to is higher than the price you paid for your ticket you will have to pay the difference between the two price points to transfer your ticket.

For the avoidance of doubt, no credit will be provided in the event you transfer your ticket to an event with a ticket price lower than that which you paid for your ticket. No refunds will be issued.


While Campaigns & Elections plans to use presenters and sessions as stated in this program, we cannot guarantee specific presenters or sessions. Also, while the agenda provides a general overview of the sessions planned for this seminar, the timeline is provided as a general outline of how we plan to proceed, but events and circumstances may cause Campaigns & Elections to alter, modify and/or delete a specific session or sessions.

Campaigns & Elections shall have no obligation to attendees, nor incur any liability, beyond the fee actually received from an attendee for this event; and attendees, by registering for this event, understand and accept that Campaigns & Elections is hereby released and relieved of any other obligations or liability, beyond the utilization in accordance with the Ticket Policy stated above by the attendee of the fee paid by attendees for this event.


Political World Communications, LLC (PWC) has implemented appropriate measures and safeguards regarding COVID-19 at its events, however, there exists a risk of the spread of COVID-19 in any group, social or public setting, location or event. Presence at the event could increase your risk of contracting COVID-19. PWC disclaims any liability for exposure to COVID-19 and by your presence at the event, you voluntarily assume all risks and agree you will not hold PWC or its related parties liable for any resulting illness, injury or death. You agree to abide by any and all COVID-19 safety measures PWC decides at its sole discretion to implement.

Images & Video

Attendees acknowledge and understand that when attending this event that still and video photography may be taken, and those stills and videos may be used in promotional material, in whole or part, by Campaigns & Elections and its agents without prior approval and in any manner. By registering to attend this event you are also subscribing to Campaigns & Elections and will receive the weekly C&E newsletter, and other C&E event updates.

If you have questions about the terms and conditions, we would love to answer them. Please contact us.